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All Gary's novels are set in the same universe, parallel to our own - it's the same one as Space Vixens From Mars  . This 'world' has been fully concorded and characters sometimes transfer from one tome to another. At present the following novel titles are ready for publication:-

QUASI-HISTORICAL 'Amazon' is a tale of cruelty, love and deceit in the Greek Dark Age. 'Pax Romana' is an historically concorded epic tale of 1st century CE love, war, politics and religion. 'The Legend Of Arthur' is a re-telling of the legend of the 'once and future king'.

CONTEMPORARY. 'Don't Fall In Love Too Quickly' is rock and roll saga - from Punk to present. 'The Great American Novel' is a collection of stories, through time, with an American theme. 'Green And Pleasant Land...' is a series of short novels about fictional Huntingdonshire village Offord St. Mary, and its unusual inhabitants.

NAUGHTY 'Love On A Branch Line' is a 21st century tale of lust and steam traction. 'The Undergraduate' is a university follow-on to 'Love On A Branch Line' . 'The Ibiza Effect' is a double novel of Sun, sex, and murderous sangria leading on from 'The Undergraduate - as does it's 'spin-off' series 'The Ibiza Chronicles'.

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